For over 10 years, the options for consumers to reclaim value from their used games has been limited to one retail giant and a handful of smaller, more labor intensive, resale options.  A GameChanger™kiosk will provide you with an efficient and time-saving method of capturing future revenue by providing in-store credits issued by the kiosk for the purchase of merchandise in your store.  What was once a labor-intensive collection effort is now an automated process giving simplicity and consistency to the used game buy-back effort.  Through the introduction of GameChanger™, GameChanger Systems Inc. is changing the paradigm of consumer used video game buy-back habits.

Plus, the used games your GameChanger™ kiosk purchases can be polished, relabeled, repackaged and resold at a higher profit margin than comparable new video games.  Your gaming customers will come back again and again to sell their games and buy new or used video games from you instead of stopping at that game store down the street.

With GameChanger™, any retailer can provide an automated used video game buy-back transaction expanding the purchase options for their customers and enhancing the profit margin of the company through used video game sales.