Today, one company accounts for 65% of all the used video game buy back and sales profits in the U.S.  They do so with a large retail footprint and high personnel cost.

Now, GameChanger can help your retail business with revenue generation from used video game sales, provide a benefit from coupon conversions and incrementally increase foot traffic.

Value. Choice. Flexibility. Profitability. GCS’s patent-protected GameChanger™ kiosk creates all of these qualities as part of a compelling store-within-a-store environment offering a point-of-sale solution for used video game buy-back. Whether a serious video game enthusiast or a casual gamer, a GameChanger™ kiosk appeals to the value-oriented customer by offering a convenient way to sell their pre-owned video games for in-store credit for the purchase of games or other merchandise, thus increasing your in-store sales.